Laser upgrade kit for Amiga Tank

Sun, 20 Oct 2019 11:17:06 +0200
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New design of the electronic circuit for mouse 'tank' of Amiga 500/600/1200 . This electronic circuit replaces the old Amiga classic mouse ball mechanism, known as 'tank', with the latest laser technology used in state-of-the-art devices. It incorporates the ADNS-9800 Avago laser sensor, also used in high-end gaming devices. This electronic circuit provides new features to the device such as better performance on all surfaces and a resolution of 8500 DPI.

All the necessary components for updating are included.
It is not necessary to make cuts, holes or modifications to the original housing.
Neither the case nor the mouse cable is included.

Features: Resolution up to 8500 DPI with ~ 200 DPI per step.
Up to 12,000 FPS .
Independent resolution for X and Y axes.
Complies with the IEC / EN 60825-1 safety standard.
Laser output level Class 1 .
1 to 5 mm of elevation detection.
Laser fault detection in the circuit.
Self-tuning for better performance.
Dedicated pin for motion detection.
Internal oscillator.
16-bit movement log.
High speed in motion detection, up to 150 IPS and up to 30 g .
Advanced technology laser, wavelength 832-865 nm .
Sleep and automatic wake up.
Dimensions: 85mm x 55mm x 10mm high
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Installation Process
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